• WiFi problem

    have problem with wifi connection, i can connect with my wifi in home witout any problems but i cant connect with wifi and Ethernet in my workplace.

  • @sz.jedrasiak
    You’ll need to discuss this problem with the people in your workplace.

  • i can connect with work wifi without any problems from Ubuntu so i think is system problem

  • @sz.jedrasiak
    You are using the same machine with Ubuntu and Antergos?
    And while you are at it, please give the output of

    sudo pacman -S --needed inxi
    inxi -v2 -c0
  • no i have ubuntu on another machine.
    How i have use sudo pacman -S --needed inxi if i dont have internet connection on Antergos

  • @sz.jedrasiak

    Your workplace may have some restrictions about machines connecting to its network, so have you consulted with them about this?

    At home you can install packages? Or use your phone’s wifi hotspot?

    Useful log info may also be needed:

  • will be hard to paste any logs ore bigger information without network connection out of your antergos box…
    But as you say not with wifi and also not with ethernet? it will be needed to get logs from the timespan you try to connect to the network at your work, to see what went wrong… You can get them later at home also as they will be stored automatic in the journal :

    journalctl --since="2017-11-10 09:59:59" --until="2017-11-10 19:00:00"

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  • @manuel said in WiFi problem:

    Or use your phone’s wifi hotspot?

    This I have used it and it works perfectly !!!

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