• Color calibration for Deepin

    The Deepin desktop currently doesn’t support color calibration. I have written a script that enables it.

  • @es20490446e Thanks for sharing the script.

    “Color calibration for Deepin” is your third noticed crosspost:

    Two others are:

    Please, stop crossposting.

    The topic is locked.

  • @es20490446e said in Color calibration for Deepin:

    I have written a script that enables it.

    Thank you so much @es20490446e😀. That is a great script!

  • @just maybe he just wants to get some attention, take a look to his youtube channel @es20490446e surely do not want to do something bad!

    If you want attention on what you are doing Mr. @es20490446e , then give some complete information, on what is this script doing e.t.c.

    So Mr. @es20490446e please tell us about the why do you post this stuff onto Antergos and Manjaro?

  • I cross-post because to me it looks somehow disrespectful to post on one forum, and link to the other. Like giving favoritism to one of them.

    Additionally both Antergos and Manjaro are likely the same operating system, since they use the same source of software. So what affects one most of the time affects the other.

    Also I have Antergos Deepin in my desktop, and Manjaro KDE in my laptop. I’m comparing them side by side for a while.

    Lastly I don’t want any attention. I’m just fixing these things for my own purposes, but looks more constructive to me working along with other people than keeping everything to me.

  • And my scripts don’t need explanations. They are the finest poetry.

    # Link to this file: https://goo.gl/6Sbmt2
    lines="[Desktop Entry]
    GenericName=Screen Color Bridge
    Comment=Enables screen color calibration
    mainFunction () {
        installApps "displaycal yaourt"
        buildApps "xiccd"
    addLines () {
        for line in "$1"; do
            echo "$line" | sudo tee --append "$2" > /dev/null
    changeToDir () {
        if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
            (>&2 echo "ERROR: $1 doesn't exist")
            exit 1
        cd "$1"
    buildApps () {
        yaourt --sync --noconfirm $1
    enableBridge () {
        changeToDir "$dir"
        removeFile "$file"
        addLines "$lines" "$file"
    installApps () {
        sudo pacman --sync --refresh --refresh
        sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade --noconfirm
        sudo pacman --sync --noconfirm $1
    removeFile () {
        if [ -f "$1" ]; then
            sudo rm "$1"
  • I have made a request for xiccd to be auto-started by default.

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