• Would anyone please check out my website and give me feedback?

    I made a new site and it is not getting very much attention. I would live it if I could get some feedback on my news articles! I worked very hard on this site. It is honestly quite hard to manage an entire news site by myself! My other news reporters never help me!

    Channel 6 Super | News 9

  • Racist black flies? Crayola “canceling the production of black crayons,” etc.? You consider those to be “hot news topics”? Good luck with your site. My feedback is that it’s garbage and a waste of time.

  • @MALsPa It’s supposed to be a satire of news. It’s not real news. It’s making fun of real news.

  • I apologize for my harsh reply. You asked for feedback, so I gave you some. I guess I should leave it at that.

  • @MALsPa I rather appreciated your comment, to be honest! I just didn’t want you to think that it was real news. Although, I’d have to say that it’s probably just as believable and honest as CNN.

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