• ISO 17.11 still freezes on splash screen

    Re: Nvidia enabled Installer aviable now (NOT FOR OPTIMUS)
    I have an NVIDIA GTX 1050 on a HP Laptop and I can’t get past the splash screen with the latest ISO. With the 17.10 I got past once (that was the first time I tried) and got frozen when choosing the DE. After that, I was able to get only to the splash screen.

  • As the NVIDIA GTX 1050 is working now with nouveau driver, i do not think this is an driver issue…
    Do you try to set nomodeset on boot?

  • No, I didn’t. Can I do that on the ISO? Any guide on how to?
    Thanks for your help and thanks to all for this wonderful project!

  • On the bootmenu of the ISO-Installer you can do this by adding to the bootline:

    simple press “e” press arrow key to get to the end of the line and add the “word” nomodeset
    then press enter to boot with this kernel parameter

  • If I boot with no added parameters, I get a freeze on the splash, but before I see
    Nouveau: DRM pointer to flat panel invalid
    Nouveau: bus: MMIO READ of 0000000 FAULT at 122124

    If I add nomodeset I instead freeze at a black screen with a blinking cursor, but before I see

    Drm_RADEON init Radeon Error No UMS support in Radeon module
    Systemd[1] sysinit.target job systemd deleted to break ordering …
    Kvm: disabled by BIOS

  • The NVIDIA fallback also fails, stating
    Error loading \EFI\archiso\vmlinuz: Not found

  • Kvm: disabled by BIOS

    Can you enable virtualization support inside EFI/BIOS?

    And i was wondering about nouveau and radeon errors …

    Device is something like this:

    OMEN X HP – 17-ap030ng …

    So a dedicated nvidia GTX 1080 and Intel core i7 cpu?

    Never see that wrongly detect radeon… or that there is kinda nvidia-radeon hybrid system (would be strange)

    But you can try blacklist radeon module:


    to kernel parameter on bootup, same as nomodeset before.

  • It’s a HP Pavilion with a i7 Quad and a GTX 1050. I enabled virtualization, added nomodeset and blacklisted Radeon. I see only the systemd cycle error, see the splash, and then back to a black screen with a blinking cursor and I get stuck there

  • @jmtruppia said in ISO 17.11 still freezes on splash screen:

    added nomodeset and blacklisted Radeon

    and also only blacklisted radeon?

  • If I only blacklist Radeon, I get the nouveau pointer error, and then freeze at the splash as before

  • The system is a HP Pavilion Power 15-cb032ns

  • I removed quiet splash, and by just adding nouveau.nomodeset=0 I get no errors until it finally hangs after showing “Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen”

  • @jmtruppia said in ISO 17.11 still freezes on splash screen:




  • May i need to build the Nvidia ISO again?

  • @jmtruppia if all that does not work i can build a new antergos nvidia ISO.
    Also if it is only for you💿

  • Nomodeset=1 didn’t work also (saw the pointer errors). Don’t want to bother you, should I use an old Nvidia ISO? Maybe buy you a beer?

  • alt text
    I have my beer…

    You can try the older ISO but I don’t know if it still work.
    I will build a new ISO over night…

  • @jmtruppia
    Sorry to bother you with simple basic questions, but:

    • have you disabled secure boot?
    • is legacy boot support (instead of UEFI boot) available?
  • i startup building Nvidia ISO will be aviable later that night here:

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