• Touchpad Too Sensitive and Gestures Not Working

    New Antergos install (yesterday) with Gnome on Dell XPS 15 (brand new). Everything is mostly working but I have two issues with the touchpad:

    1: It is extremely sensitive, so even with palm detection turned on (I think) it constantly registers taps and moves things around while I’m typing. Synclient shows PalmDetect = 1. (Two finger scrolling is also somewhat too sensitive, but this is not nearly as annoying)

    1. Gestures with more than two fingers don’t seem to be recognised. libinput-debug-events correctly recognises all gestures including 3 and 4 finger swipes in various directions. But the default swap workspace behaviour does not work and with extended gestures support nothing works (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1253/extended-gestures/). libinput-gestures does not seem to work either.

    Any help at all would be most appreciated since I need this functionality for my workflow

    P.S. fixed my keyboard shortcut issues by realising that page up is mapped to Fn + Up Arrow on my keyboard)

  • @LoganRah
    Have you already seen this?
    (I don’t have Dell machine, just found the link.)

  • @manuel Thanks, but yes I’ve seen that and the more specific page for my model (9560). Neither of these is any help for the specific issues mentioned above.

  • Thought some more information might help:

    It seems that my installation is running X rather than Wayland, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE returns x11.

    I also did have both libinput and xf86-input-synaptics installed, I’ve now removed xf86-input-synaptics.

    Finally, trying to follow the guide here: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/latest/touchpad_pressure.html#touchpad_pressure_hwdb

    but I get the following error when running ``sudo libinput measure touchpad-pressure’’

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/libinput/libinput-measure-touchpad-pressure”, line 29, in <module>
    import evdev
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘evdev’

    However `evdev’ does show up using lsmod in the list of loaded modules.

    Edit: further investigation reveals that libinput-gestures seems to be working and recognising gestures correctly, giving the following output in debug mode:

    [@xps15antergos ~]$ libinput-gestures -d
    libinput-gestures: session gnome+x11 on Linux-4.13.11-1-ARCH-x86_64-with-arch-17.10-ISO-Rolling, python 3.6.3, libinput 1.9.1
    libinput-gestures: using /etc/libinput-gestures.conf with 6 gestures
    libinput-gestures: device /dev/input/event8: DLL07BE:01 06CB:7A13 Touchpad
    libinput-gestures: SWIPE up 4 [30.340000000000003, -613.51]
    _internal ws_up
    libinput-gestures: SWIPE down 4 [11.479999999999997, 625.8399999999999]
    _internal ws_down
    libinput-gestures: SWIPE right 3 [716.3099999999998, 86.38999999999999]
    xdotool key alt+Left
    libinput-gestures: SWIPE left 3 [-1037.8000000000002, -57.949999999999996]
    xdotool key alt+Right

    But nothing actually happens when I try to use these gestures (or any others apart from two finger scrolling and tap to click). I can however use keyboard shortcuts to swap workspaces fine.

  • Problems partly solved:

    Touchpad sensitivity majorly reduced by uninstalling xf86-input-synaptics. Still a little bit touchy for my taste, but I can probably now get used to it.

    The gesture issue seems to be fixed (except that move down workspace actually moves up and vice versa, remapping the controls easily fixed that though). Not sure how this happened but it seems to have been fixed at some point when I was playing around with extensions and libinput-gestures.

    Looks like it was probably a conflict between some extensions, libinput, and synaptics? Hopefully looking at that might help if you are also having problems.

  • there is also gui app: gesture-manager-git
    aviable in AUR: yaourt/pacaur -S gesture-manager-git

  • @joekamprad said in Touchpad Too Sensitive and Gestures Not Working:

    there is also gui app: gesture-manager-git

    Very good find !!!

  • @judd we need GUI`S to get the next generations into the linux-boat 🛶

  • @joekamprad said in Touchpad Too Sensitive and Gestures Not Working:

    @judd we need GUI`S to get the next generations into the linux-boat 🛶

    Undoubtedly, GUI`s are needed 👓

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