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    Hello everyone. I have a question that is really not an issue; but recently I installed Octopi for my package manager. It works well and the system is running awesome with it. However after it installs an update I’m getting a message that reads “arming conditionneedsupdate…” I’m currently running the latest Plasma. This is viewable after the update finishes. Thank you for any information =-). BTW Antergos Plasma is awesome!!!

  • @Max62 said in Arm Update:

    arming conditionneedsupdate…

    sudo pacman -Syyu and wait until the $ prompt appears again

  • Oh okay. I did not see this link here in the forum. Thank you! =-)

  • Solved ?

  • Yes. How do I update that in the heading?

  • @Max62 said in Arm Update:

    Yes. How do I update that in the heading?

    down to the right, so0_1510180912258_solved.png

  • @judd got it. Thanks. =-)

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