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    Recently I moved to Antergos from Ubuntu. Yeah yeah, from a fixed to rolling distro. So that’s why kinda curious about the updates. When I was in Ubuntu, I used to get Updates including written SECURITY updates. Although Updates comes to Antergos fluently but how SECURITY updates come here ?

    Just Curious :)

  • As Antergos uses the repositories from Archlinux, you will get notified about latest and secure updates on time.

    You can check here for actual vulnable issues: https://security.archlinux.org/

    • Antergos have an alert system for situations in which an intervention is necessary (antergos-alerts)

    But i never heart about security updates under Linux like we know from Windows… Ubuntu have such stuff?

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  • @joekamprad said in Security and Updates:

    Ubuntu have such stuff?

    a bit hard maybe, but he knows why …;)

    “Parrafo song by Jose Larralde” ;)

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