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    My Pamac is set to check for updates every 72h. But on every boot it checks for updates.

    How can I tell it to look for updates only every week and not on boot?

  • Can anyone help me please?

  • @amilopowers said in Set update intervall differently:

    check for updates


    This should do the trick but it is not working at all…as it looks like it will automatic hardcoded refresh on boot:

  • the only way is to disable pamac-tray by removing it from autostart:

    sudo mv /etc/xdg/autostart/pamac-tray.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart/pamac-tray.desktop.bak
  • It wored in some way but after a few updates the fetching of updates on boot is back.

  • every update of pamac itself will bring it back / autostarting…

  • Is pamac-tray responsible for the scheduling of updates? If so, then maybe uninstall pamac-tray and make an own update schedule with systemctl?

  • @manuel said in Set update intervall differently:


    is part of pamac itself.

    you can hide it by changing its starter to do not show inside your DE:

    cp /etc/xdg/autostart/pamac-tray.desktop ~/.config/autostart/
    echo "Hidden=true" >> ~.config/autostart/pamac-tray.desktop

    This will not be overwritten by updates and is done more clean at users level.

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