Hi everyone.

I’ve been using Antergos for a few months and I recently had an issue with the lock screen. It was about lightdm and I had to switch to gdm. Everything works apparently well until I suspend my laptop (close its lid). I’ve got to say that I started using Gnome on Xorg because Plank didn’t work on the pre-established Gnome session when I first installed gdm. The thing is that when I open the lid and restore my previous session, I don’t have to enter any password at all, it just simply gets me back to where I was. When I had the stock Gnome session it did even close my session when I opened the lid (which means killing all my processes) and I actually hope it’s not doing that again.

To sum up, I’d like to know wether first is there a thread in which this issue is already solved, since I’ve seen many people is having problems with this but couldn’t reach to find an actual solution to my problem or if somebody has a knowledge about this and could help me.

Thanks in advance :-)