• PDF support out of the box

    At least Manjaro Deepin can’t open PDFs out of the box. It would be nice if a PDF reader is included by default.

    The best option seems to be Evince because:

    • When searching a document it lists all matches, instead of searching one by one. This is super useful.
      Document search

    • Font dithering works when the screen is scaled. In Okular and qpdfview the hole interface is notably pixelated.
      Font dithering

    I can help out with that, if you wish.

  • Do you want support for open PDF files for Antergos or Manjaro? or Antergos Deepin install? as most DE have support for open PDF files by default…

  • @joekamprad For Antergos Deepin.

  • –moved– to deepin

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