• Making the Deepin greeter visually harmonic

    It would be nice if Antergos Deepin in particular used the Deepin Greeter, so the login screen looked as part of the desktop itself.

    The current greeter looks very good on other desktops, but with Deepin in particular it simply is too dissonant. The window shapes, colours, icons, wallpapers and animations don’t play nice with each other.

    Current greeter:
    Current greeter

    Deepin desktop:
    Deepin desktop

    Deepin greeter:
    Deepin greeter

    There’s a page in the Arch wiki which I tested it works on making this change.

  • I completely agree:grinning:. That is one of the issues I’m focusing on for my next release actually. If you happen to be curious about said release, just click here:

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  • this is simple another lightdm greeter… needs only be installed and set inside lightdm.conf
    But visually the antergos webkit-greeter. looks more like the deepin desktop as the deepin-greeter shown on the picture ;)

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