• Font-installation creates issues in Dolphin & Virtual Box

    Hi All, I need some assistance in solving an issue related to font-installation. I installed ttf-indic-otf font from repository to be able to view web sites in local indian languages. However, this seems to be mess-up a couple of applications that I use often - Dolphin & Virtual Box. As soon as I installed the font, these 2 applications automatically switch their display text to a very weird font (not even recognizable as an indian language font as well). The system region / language settings are still ok - maintained as language - English (US), Formats - UK, Input Sources - US (English). I am unable to switch the font for these applications to English. Other applications seem to behave well (still remain in English) & are quite ok. Is there a way to fix these 2 apps, in any way ? Thanks for any useful suggestions or assistance in this regard. KR, Ramanan.

  • The desktop environment is GNOME.

  • @joekamprad Thanks, that’s helpful; let me try my hands with config. as suggested.

  • sudo pacman -S qt5ct
    nano ~/.profile

    and put this inside:

    export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct"

    save with [Ctrl+X]
    logout and in and run qt5ct

    0_1509893009783_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-11-05 15-43-15.png

  • @Ramanan You may probably will want to install the qt5ct utility. It’s the graphical tool which allows to set graphic styles and fonts for Qt apps running in non-Qt DEs.

    Beware: qt5ct overrides all graphic and font settings made with native Qt config tools.

  • Thanks, qt5ct seems to have done its job like a charm !. Much better now that I can see everything in English than in a weird looking font.

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