• VLC player recompiling issues

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a newbie with antergos and need your help. So I’ve installed VLC player (as it is the best) for listening or viewing any media devices, but anytime, there is a pacman upgrade which may have any libraries to compile with VLC, it downloads the entire VLC source code (which takes ages… even when i have a good internet speed) and then the re-compiling the VLC package again takes a very long time (even when i have a decently faster system). So the question is: am I doing anything wrong here or do you have the same issue as well. If so, do you have a solution to this or do you just bear the pain of recompiling vlc again and again ?


  • As far as I know, that is how updates work, no matter what OS you use, even Android. It just removes your local version and then installs the new one, keeping your user configs and customizations. I suppose you could avoid all that wasted time by an even longer process of finding the code online, figuring out what changed, and then copying and pasting that into your setup of VLC. However, not only is that way to time consuming and crazy, but it wouldn’t actually get rid of the update notice either. So in the end, I’m afraid the best way is exactly what you’re doing now.

    Good luck and welcome to Antergos😀.

  • @developer.ak23 said in VLC player recompiling issues:

    recompiling vlc
    Sounds like you have vlc-git or vlc-qt installed, from AUR so you need to compile it on every update of it… if you do not want this for any special reason, install vlc package from extra…

    pacman -Qs vlc

    will show what you have installed.

    To install vlc package:

    sudo pacman -S vlc qt4 kdelibs
  • @developer.ak23 said in VLC player recompiling issues:

    So I’ve installed VLC player (as it is the best)

    smplayer is the best imho…

  • @fernandomaroto said in VLC player recompiling issues:

    smplayer is the best imho…

    For me too. Thrown away VLC and replaced it with SMPlayer everywhere.

  • @joekamprad : I bow to thee! yes indeed i have vlc-git as i had a higher popularity rating. You suggested installing vlc with kdelibs… I’m not such a big fan of KDE and dont want to import those libraries just for VLC. I’m pretty much a Gnome guy. So is there any other way of installing VLC without the entourage of KDE? I suspect not because I remember installing VLC (not vlc-git) but it lacked many codecs and therefore had to install vlc-git.

    @keegan, @fernando, @just: Thanks for you inputs! I will try SMPlayer.

  • @developer.ak23 you will need minimum qt4 for graphical interface… kdelibs are not needed

  • for gnome i would recommend gnome-mplayer as smplayer also depending on qt stuff

  • @joekamprad: Cool! I will try that. Thanks a bunch!

  • @developer.ak23 your username is abit confusing ;)

  • @joekamprad : Yeah! 😒 … I suck at almost everything… usernames are one of them!

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