• Cnchi: cannot install another Antergos

    I already have a good Antergos Xfce install on a machine.
    Now I just tried to install another Antergos instance with KDE to another partition on the same machine.

    But Cnchi 0.14.404 refuses to install it only because I didn’t set EFI mount. :(

    Actually I don’t need the EFI mount in the new instance, since the good old Antergos Xfce would be able to boot the KDE install, too.

    Am I missing something obvious here?
    I understand that a newcomer might need advice/warning about missing the EFI mount on an UEFI system.
    But I don’t think Cnchi should prevent installing without setting the EFI mount. A simple warning message about a missing EFI mount should be enough.

  • Hi,

    Try to select your EFI partition but do NOT mark it for formatting.

    What boot are you using? Grub or systemd-boot ?

  • @karasu
    Thanks for the answer.
    I did just that, marked it for mount but (naturally) not for formatting. Didn’t work.
    I use grub.
    Probably I would put a new menuentry into my old /boot/grub/custom.cfg in Antergos Xfce for booting to new install.

  • @karasu
    Sorry, I was quite confusing in my previous post.
    Cnchi works as expected if I mount the EFI partition to /boot/efi. No problem.
    The point I’m trying to make I shouldn’t be required to mount it, since I can make the new system boot otherwise.

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