• Could someone help me with my website dilemma?

    Hi all! I have a YouTube channel that was doing pretty well so I made a website for all my viewers. My problem is that I used the Classic Google Sites to make the original site and it looked absolutely horrendous. I ended up making a second site with the New Google Sites which looks a lot better. However, I recently did a full graphical upgrade to the Classic Site and now I think it even competes with the visual appeal of the new one. I would like to end one website or the other because there’s no sense in having to update two sites at once.

    These are my reasons for using the Classic Sites:

    • Faster to produce
    • Can be edited with my favorite browser, Gnome Web
    • Looks good
    • Has a built-in comment system, no need for some ghetto Google Form and Sheets setup
    • Can use my favorite font (Ubuntu)
    • Has a fully customizable theme
    • Layout can be changed easily
    • If I get the money I could use a custom domain
    • Has way more features
    • Custom favicon

    These are my reasons for using the New Sites:

    • Looks visually attractive with little work
    • Has more than 100 MB to work with
    • Will continue to receive updates in the future
    • Has better support for mobile devices

    So far I want to just keep the Classic Google Site but it is just too hard to decide. Can anyone give me feedback on which one they prefer? Below are the two sites:

  • Nice sites😀. I know I may just be complicating things, but it sounds like you may enjoy wordpress.com. It is free, you can upgrade for a few bucks a month to get a custom domain, and there are hundreds (literally) of themes to choose from. In addition, comments are all set up and there is no configuration required for them. Lastly, you can even set a custom icon for your website in the tabs for free!

    In the end, I would consider it a great, flexible free option with limited hassle. But that is all just my opinion. In the end, it is obviously up to you! Good luck and great work🙂.

  • @Keegan Does “Wordpress” allow for embedding Google Drive/OneDrive files? That is the main purpose of my websites, it allows people to see my art as well as how I made it.

  • Yep! Just upload your image and stick it on the page for viewing purposes. Or, you could use https://www.mediafire.com/ to upload your pics for free, and then just post the download link (which can be accessible by anyone) to offer them as downloadable files. Mediafire offers 10GB of free storage, so you should be guaranteed plenty of space!

    Hope this all helps😀.

  • P.S. I use Mediafire for hosting my ISOs, so I can attest to it’s trustworthiness and reliability.

  • @Keegan I personally don’t like Mediafire. They always redirect me to some shady site after doing a download. Or is that AdFly?

  • I could be wrong here, but I think you’re thinking of AdFly. I’ve used Mediafire for countless downloads, and I’ve never run into the problem you’re describing.

  • But in the end, you could always create a free account on Mediafire and test it yourself by uploading some random pic and then downloading it yourself just to see what happens.

  • @Keegan Thanks! I think that I might just stick with Google Drive or OneDrive to be honest. Besides, OneDrive has 1 TB of space on it because I may have installed Office 365 one time. I will check out MediaFire though because I feel like I already have an account! ;)

  • @CadenMitchell said in Could someone help me with my website dilemma?:

    Thanks! I think that I might just stick with Google Drive or OneDrive to be honest. Besides, OneDrive has 1 TB of space on it because I may have installed Office 365 one time.

    Might as well🙂. You can always just post their download link too…

    I will check out MediaFire though because I feel like I already have an account! ;)

    hehehe… that’s happened to me too! It’s actually why I started using it in the first place😄.

  • May i am wrong but it looks ike that “integration” of google drive is only done by links:
    If so you can do this with every other CMS as well…

  • I would like to point out that I don’t plan on building a new website with a more streamlined website editor like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, etc. I already feel comfortable with using the Google Sites platform. I was mainly trying to ask which website out of the two seems better and/or looks better.

  • i like the “classic” more, as it do not have this scrolling bars, but the top menu i like more from “new” …

    And yes i do understand your question, i was only try to make clear ;)

  • @joekamprad Oh! Thank you! I personally find the Classic Site easier to edit as well! The process for setting up the Classic Site is quite simple; I create the page, add the description, add the image/video, and add the google drive folder. The New Google Sites one I create the page, add the text boxes (each individual section is a different text box), add the text to every text box, manually go through my text boxes and change the color, add the image/video, add the link, create a Google Form and Sheet (for the comment system), add the Form and Sheet, publish the site. Quite the process! Even worse, once I had the comment system using the classic version of Forms and it all looked nice but then the themes on all the Forms broke and I couldn’t link them to the Google Sheet anymore. I had to manually go through over 15 Google Forms, upgrading them to the newer version and creating a new theme for every one of the Forms. I at one point tried to change up the theming for the posted comments part (Sheets) but it ended up looking really bad and I had to change that too! This is why I have such a hard time with the New Google Sites. As far as the top bar goes for the Classic Site, what could I do to improve there? ;)

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