• Reduce font size for all applications?

    Folks; running a stock cinnamon antergos install, I noticed most of the fonts in the desktop (especially those in the system panel, menus and notifications) are way too large for my tastes. However using the Fonts configuration utility, I fail to get them smaller and still stay the same across all applications - e.g. Chrome and desktop notification fonts still are huge. What’s the best way to set fonts globally and reliably to a decent (smaller) size? ;)

  • @kawazu428 said in Reduce font size for all applications?:

    …(especially those in the system panel, menus and notifications)…

    Cinnamon doesn’t provide tools to change fonts you’re talking about, and their sizes.

    The only way to freely change these fonts and|or their sizes is to edit theme’s style sheet file by hand. The file is called cinnamon.css.

    For user-installed themes the file is found in the folder:


    For system-wide themes the file is found in the folder:


    Make a backup copy of the cinnaomn.css before editing it. You may create it in the same folder. Cinnamon ignores all .css files with names different from cinnamon.css.

  • @just Thanks for your comments on that. Hmmm just had a look at some of the .css files, that looks particularly … clumsy. You don’t by any chance know whether there’s any documentation on what the different classes and selectors are? So far I haven’t been that deep into theming cinnamon or GNOME shell…

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