• Trouble upgrading zfs

    I’m a newbie so if this needs moved, feel free. I only posted it in here since it’s a pacman type error.

    My boot drive is not zfs. I’ve been playing around with a Raidz2 setup with a bunch of attached SATA drives. For the past week or so, when I get the notification for system updates, I always have to uncheck some zfs related ones because of this error:

    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    resolving dependencies...
    looking for conflicting packages...
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: zfs-dkms: installing spl (0.7.3-1) breaks dependency 'spl-dkms=0.7.2'
    :: zfs-dkms: installing zfs-utils (0.7.3-1) breaks dependency 'zfs-utils=0.7.2-1'

    Any idea on how to fix this? On a side note, my zfs drive is working perfectly.

  • You have to wait for ZFS to release an update ;).

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  • @RoadHazard

    You have mixed packages. Antergos zfs implementation constists of these (and only these) packages:

    zfs, spl, zfs-utils and spl-utils

    Please use either those packages or AUR packages, it’s up to you (zfs-dkms is an AUR package). But do NOT mix them! ;)

    So, to use Antergos packages:

    sudo pacman -S zfs

  • @karasu

    Makes sense. I realize you said it’s up to me to pick which but being a newbie, I’m not sure of the pros or cons of one over the other (Antergos repositories vs. AUR.)

    Guessing AUR stuff might get SLIGHTLY quicker updates (hours/days) over Antergos repos?

  • @RoadHazard said in Trouble upgrading zfs:

    Guessing AUR stuff might get SLIGHTLY quicker updates (hours/days) over Antergos repos?

    This is not a rule, but in this case you might be right. None of us @developers use ZFS, so we just update the modules from time to time (or when somebody is so kind to warn us).


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