• antergos 17.10 new install: keyboard not working in login screen?

    reinstalled antergos off 17.10 iso today. Install and live medium worked pretty fine. Rebooted - and now I’m unable to use my laptop keyboard anymore. I’m stuck in login screen, the keyboard backlight (HP EliteBook) is on, touchpad and mouse stub work too, but key do not seem to generate input. Switching to a tty also is just possible using an external (USB) keyboard. In a tty however, laptop keyboard works fine. Switching different display managers doesn’t change anything. So far I haven’t really find any other helpful clue. Am I the only one left with this issue? Any hints on how to resolve this?


  • @kawazu428

    Are you using GDM?

  • @judd Tried so. Behaviour is all the same in GDM as well as in LightDM. :|

  • If the answer is yes then you have to degrade gdm and libgdm to 3.26.1-1

    Is a bugs

  • @judd Thanks for your help - but negative: Tried so (downgraded both, enabled gdm, restarted). Same behaviour.

  • @judd Ahh cool, thanks. That’s another issue I was dealing with - but unfortunately it doesn’t solve the keyboard problem. :(

  • Degrade libinput from 1.9.1 to 1.8.3 …

  • @judd YES. That did it. Thanks loads mate! :)

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