• Display manager not working

    I removed deepin and installed kde plasma. Now I want to reinstall deepin but ever since I installed kde I get this console instead of a gui login. Moreover when I try to open a dm I get the following error:
    ![alt text](image url

    Please help, I wanna use deepin again.

  • you need to disable the old dm before you can enable a new on, or you can force it, then you need only one command:

    sudo systemctl -f enable gdm

    or disable the old one:

    sudo systemctl disable lightdm

    and enable the new one:

    sudo systemctl enable gdm

    (b.t.w. reading what the error say can help)

  • @joekamprad I tried but it says gdm not found. How do I disable it?

  • you have installed gdm ???

    sudo pacman -S gdm

    and then

    sudo systemctl enable gdm.service
    sudo systemctl start gdm.service


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