• Theming doesn't work on Mate

    After installing Antergos Mate, the theme isn’t Numix Frost but just the default Mate theme.

    Numix isn’t selectable as theme, despite of its package shown as installed.

  • @es20490446e
    For what it is worth for you, theming does work in Xfce, which is in many ways similar to MATE.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the warning. I’m in the process of changing (again) how themeing works (basically to be able to have several DE’s installed at the same time with Antergos themeing in all of them).

    I’m in the middle of the process so it’s only logical that issues arise.

    I’ll try to fix this asap.

  • Assuming it’s the same issue, themes aren’t working in Cinnamon either.

  • try:
    mkdir ~/.themes

  • @joekamprad
    Awesome, thank you.

  • @joekamprad

    Can you explain it? Just creating the folder solves it in Cinnamon?

  • @karasu question is why ;)
    i do not use cinnamon and do not have a vm installed with it too… i am only get this here from another user solving it by do so…

  • @karasu
    For me the issue was: clicking on the “Themes” icon in “System setting” had no response.
    Yes, for me just creating the folder solved the issue.

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