• nvidia update breaks Wine

    The new Nvidia driver 387 has broken my games. They ask for Directx 8 or above. All were working fine using 384.90 (which Nvidia still says is correct for my card) but I cant find this anymore. The games also all work fine using Nouveau but the noisy fan drives me crazy.

    So at the moment I seem to have 2 choices - 1. carry on with Nouveau where everything works & figure out how to quieten the fan (fancontrol doesn’t show fan running at all) or 2. find NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-384.90.pkg.tar.gz to download.

    Anyone offer any help?

  • It was many times said, ALA keeps all Arch packages with the depth of roughly 6-8 years.

    In particular, nVidia packages from 325.15-10 to 387.12-3 are kept on the n/nvidia page. Including nvidia-384.90-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz package.

    Older nVidia packages - from 304xx to 340xx - are also available in ALA, on the n page.

  • @just I knew there was an archive somewhere but every search I tried lead me nowhere. Thanks for the link :thumbsup: I will see if 384 fixes it or whether there is now a conflict between Nvidia & Wine.

  • This post is deleted!
    • download from ALA all needed dependencies as well
    • place the main package and all dependencies in the same local folder
    • run sudo pacman -U main-package
    • pacman will search for missing deps in the local folder
  • @just Installed both Nvidia 384 & Nvidia-utils 384 but all I got was black screen on reboot. This was all working fine last week.

  • I would be happy if I could make the fan run quiet (as it does using Nvidia) with Nouveau. I tried what Keegan suggested in the laptop post (I have a desktop) to install thinkfan, fancontrol-gui, and fancontrol-common. But there is no control of the fan that I could see. Just says fan 0rpm.

  • Just to close this off, I tried everything I could find & clearly my back up with Nouveau from 3-4 weeks ago was somehow incompatible / in conflict with a fresh install of Nvidia (kernel?). I did a fresh install of Antergos & all is right with the world again. Nvidia works & so do my games.
    I will mark this as solved but really it is just resolved.

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