• Qt5 font problem

    I’m having some trouble with the graphical interface of some applications that use Qt5, in particular all fonts are displayed as squares. I noticed this with the calculator speedcrunch, but also with the Qt5 configuration tool. I suspect it’s a permissions problem, since if I start the applications with sudo the fonts are displayed correctly. However, even after some research, I cannot figure out how to fix this. Can you give me some advice?

    I installed Antergos with Gnome and then installed Openbox on the side, however I don’t think the DE matters since I tried both from Gnome and Openbox.

  • Could you tell us to go discarding and to be able to help you, around the console, tell us what your graphic card is ?

    inxi -G

    As well as his journal in the last 2 starts:

    journalctl -b -2

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