• Can Unity 8 be installed alongside Gnome, or be installed at all?

    I am using the Gnome desktop environment and I like it. I have been wanting to use Unity 8 for quite some time now but I can’t seem to figure out how to install it on an Arch Linux-based OS. I tried installing Ubuntu itself to try it out but it was very buggy and crashed constantly. I heard that since Canonical ditched Unity for Gnome that another group was continuing its development. I, however, don’t know how to install it on Antergos. Is it even possible to install Unity 8 on Antergos, will it run well, and is it still in development? Any help is appreciated!

  • If Unity 8 does not run in a stable way on its home distribution, then I doubt whether it will easily be installed on Antergos, and if it can, if it will run well. Not sure about the current status of Unity 8, and whether a group effectively is continuing its development.

  • Unity is a dead horse, as well the forks. In addition, Unity is pure patchwork and if you want to install it, many official packages will be replaced and you’re gonna get in trouble sooner or later. Here’s a how-to.

  • @Noel This is just too bad that Unity is just a “dead horse.” Unity was my first Linux desktop I ever used and was probably the most stable one I had ever used. It’s just too bad that after all this time, and so much innovation it had to die. It’s just a shame.

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