• OBS Studio screen tearing problems on Intel GPU

    I do a lot of screen capturing/recording and I have had a lot of problems with OBS Studio and other video recorders. When I record, the video will sometimes cut parts of the screen and show the applications behind that window. This seems to be more of a Linux issue but it is very frustrating.

    0_1509044776116_Screenshot from 2017-10-26 13-05-59.png

    System specifications:

    • Ram: 8GB
    • Gpu: Intel HD integrated graphics 3000
    • Cpu: Intel Core i5 2600
  • @manuel I actually did this before and it still doesn’t seem to do much.

  • @CadenMitchell
    Then sorry, out of ideas…

  • @joekamprad In my experience with Easy ScreenCast, it doesn’t work. It still has screen tearing once in a while and it doesn’t seem to be able to record screen, mic, and desktop audio simultaneously. I didn’t have a problem with this in Zorin OS 12, should I maybe add the “tear-free true” to another file?

  • /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf should be the place, you need only to follow the formatting rules

    Section "Device"
            Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
    	Driver      "intel"
    	Option "TearFree" "true"
  • @joekamprad I still get the tearing/flickering issue. Are there any other settings that may help? Perhaps OBS settings of some sort?

    Edit: I also wanted to point out that I have absolutely no screen tearing visible on my computer, just in the recording. When I was using KDE Manjaro the most common places to tear were the panels and the widgets such as when I open the application menu.

    This video shows the problem completely:


    In this video, the screen tearing started after the file menu popped up.

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