• Remove VPN icon from System Menu

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there an easy way to remove the VPN icon in the systems menu:
    alt text

    Don’t really use it, I do it from the command line. Is there an easy way to remove this?


  • I do not remember well…

    Could be very carefully Dconf Editor maybe …

  • Can anyone please confirm? Thanks @judd.

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  • Did the change to custom value (set to False), and I can still see the ‘VPN off’ icon unfortunately.

    Any other ideas?

  • Why do you use it from the CLI?

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  • Hello,

    It’s because I mainly use a patched version of VPNC to work with my company’s VPN network. I tried in the past replacing the “system menu VPN” with vpnc, but it didn’t work. So, now I just want to remove the icon and have a bit cleaner system menu look.

    Anyone know how to do this? @joekamprad method did NOT work unfortunately.


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