• Congrats & suggestion

    First of all, THANK YOU for your work dear devs! Antergos is the best Linux distro I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried LOTS of them) and the first one that made me love Arch (former Debian/Redhat/Suse user here…)

    Suggestion: would it be too much work to make an alternative live ISO that could be used to try the different desktops before choosing one? I know the file would be a lot bigger but it could be shared via torrent, mediafire or something like that, while leaving the regular iso download on the server…

  • @kahnor
    I believe it would be quite a lot of work, and the devs already have their hands full of work.
    But as a workaround (that is readily available), why not try different desktops in a VirtualBox VM? You can install many desktops on it, or, you may reinstall (and reformat the disk) Antergos with a different desktop.
    I know it is not exactly the same experience as a native install, but gives you a lot of information anyway.

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