• How to stop kalu from staring?

    I’d like to stop kalu from starting automatically in OpenBox. In my autostart, I have:

    sleep 5s && kalu &
    nitrogen --restore &
    volumeicon &
    compton --config ~/.config/compton.conf -b &
    tint2 &
    plank &
    conky -c ~/.config/conky.conf &
    lxpolkit &

    Do I just delete the && kalu bit?

  • sure, as this are your autostart apps you can put a exclusionary # i front or delete the line and save…

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  • @gagarin
    As Joe said, putting a character ‘#’ in the beginning of a line makes the line just a comment, so that line will not be run.
    You have a sleep command and kalu command on the same line.
    If you don’t need the sleep either, then comment the whole line as follows:

    #sleep 5s && kalu &

    If you need the sleep but not kalu, then do this:

    sleep 5s #&& kalu &

    As you may see or guess, the ‘#’ character makes the rest of the line as a comment only, and a comment will not be run.
    But of course, you may delete the tail of the first line by removing the ‘&& kalu &’ part.

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