• Docks/Bars and customization

    So I’ve been playing around with Deepin and trying to get to the workflow that best suit me, but I’m not able to find any instructions related to:

    • Changing the background color of the Deepin dock or control center
    • Changing the size of the icons in the system tray
    • Adding a workspace switcher to the dock

    I have tried the Deepin topbar, but that also didn’t give me much options. Right now I’m running the old ‘gnome-panel’ inside Deepin to achieve what I want, but the options there are also limited.

  • @victorbrca said in Docks/Bars and customization:

    Adding a workspace switcher to the dock

    For this, just createa an application entry using menu-libre or something like that and add whatever commandis used to switch workspaces (don’t know it offhand, but it’s probably the sme one used in Gnome ;) As for the other two, I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to those. I’ll report back if I am able to find out😀.

  • This post is deleted!
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