• Dual boot with SSD: Windows is very slow on boot


    I know, this might be the wrong drop-in center, however let me explain…

    I use Antergos on a dual boot with Windows 8.1 aside. Most of the time I use of course Antergos, but for uni I sometimes need Windows.
    My problem is that even with my very fast SSD (Samsung 960 Evo 250GB M.2) Windows boot takes over 1 minute, while Linux starts within seconds. I deactivated fast boot, but I think over 1 minute is even without fast boot way too much.

    I also have the problem that if I close my laptop or wait to long until it locks itself I can not get back access. E.g. often I can not log in or the system stops working after some seconds and it looks like the SSD got unmounted (??).
    Maybe this is related.
    And maybe someone can help me out with figuring out what’s wrong with the SSD sometimes.

    Tell me which logs you need and I’ll throw them to you :D

  • @got-it-man
    How did you install Windows to the SSD? Did you clone it from an another disk? I’ve heard that sometimes some cloning programs may cause alignment problems, which cause just the problems you described.

  • @manuel Uff the installation was some months ago xD
    I think moved it from the HDD to the SSD with the Samsung Data migration tool since I had to use that stupid backup program from the manufacturer and did not have a CD with key.

    So this might also be my problem.
    Is there an easy fix?
    I would love to avoid doing a reinstall of all partitions as this is my on the go production device :D

  • @got-it-man
    As it is a Samsung tool I think it is probably not the cause, unless there were any problems during the migration.
    I have (nearly) always installed Windows, not migrated, so unfortunately I have no good experience about this.
    Hopefully someone with more experience should answer!

    However, did the problem start recently or was it slow from the beginning?

  • @manuel All the problems have been there since the beginning :/

  • @got-it-man
    That too would indicate that the problem occurred during the migration somehow. Is it possible to use another migration program and do it again?

    Another idea could be to try update SSD’s firmware, if that is not the latest now. But do it (and any other suggestion for that matter) on your own risk (a standard disclaimer). :)

  • @manuel Haha xD
    Guess I have to try :/
    I’ll try next week xD

  • I know from personal experience that if your partition (where your operating system is saved to) doesn’t have enough space it may be very slow and possibly even unusable.

  • @got-it-man

    Surely you have TRIM enabled for the disk in WIndows? Please check that, since you cloned from HDD to SSD.
    Another thing to check: when you close Windows, do you shut it completely down or does Windows just hibernate?
    Yet another comment: can you install Windows as a VM? If you don’t do heavy graphics in Windows, then this could be an option, unless you don’t have enough RAM.

  • @CadenMitchell I think windows has about 40 GB free space. Think this should be enough :D

  • @manuel Ah, I’ll check if TRIM is enabled.
    I always shut it completely down.

    VM is unfortunately not possible. I sometimes have to do heavy graphics stuff in windows :/

  • @manuel Reinstall did the trick.
    Now windows also boots within seconds.
    Thank you very much! :)

  • @got-it-man
    Thanks and good to hear it is working now! :)

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