• Kodi problem

    I have install Antergos today. The videos in kodi are not playing. I have read that rhe cause of the problem is the ffmpeg and i have to downgrade to previus version. I dont have it so how to downgrade so i can play videos in kodi?

  • @andreasdimo79
    Since you have just installed the system, you probably have nothing to downgrade to. Package manager saves a certain amount of old packages while upgrading, but you have no old packages saved in a new installation.

    Do you have another machine where Antergos is installed? If so, then you could copy an older kodi package from there to your new installation. The directory of saved packages is /var/cache/pacman/pkg.

  • @manuel no i dont have other install!!!

  • @andreasdimo79
    Maybe someone else here has an older version of kodi that he/she can send to you?
    Unfortunately I don’t.

  • From a pc that has Manjaro?

  • @andreasdimo79
    That might work but I’m not sure. There may be several files to copy though.

  • double post same as this one, as it is a problem with current package of ffmpeg related to latest kodi it is the same on new installation or updated system:


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