• 2014 MBP Upgraded MacOS to High Sierra, Cannot boot into Grub Menu

    I’ve been dual-booting macOS and Antergos, it was good until I upgraded macOS to the new “High Sierra” version.

    The upgrade changed macOS filesystem from HFS+ to APFS, and it might have touched partition table.

    Now if I press and hold Option key during boot, it would still show “EFI partition” (Antergos) and “Mac Partition”, but selecting either one both end up booting into macOS.

    Should I reinstall grub?


  • You can try installing Refind, download it and install it within macos and reboot. If it works Refind will appear immediately after start up with a white screen showing the macos logo and Tux (the Linux Penguin), just click the desired OS and hopefully it will roll.

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