• Linuxant audio drivers - how to install?

    Hi, so I’m only sort of familiar with Linux, used Antergos for about a year, then switched to Windows, now switched back. The thing that really irked me was that there were no Conexant drivers (I’ve got a Lenovo G50-30), or so I thought. Today I’ve stumbled upon Linuxant and I have no clue how to install them. I’ve got a fresh Antergos XFCE install, ALSA works fine and all.

  • @Starlight said in Linuxant audio drivers - how to install?:

    ALSA works fine and all

    And pulseaudio too? as this is what we use as default in extra collaboration with alsa…

    So what is not working ? and what are your specs ? without any detailed information wecan not help and can not see if you need the linuxant drivers at all…

  • @joekamprad Pulseaudio works fine as well. I have sound, but the quality is noticeably worse than in Windows with Conexant drivers. As I said, I have a Lenovo G50-30, which comes with Conexant SmartAudio HD sound card. I didn’t think the rest of the specs would be relevant, but there you go: imgur

  • it is only that i can not find anything related to your device and linuxant drivers are usefull for this…
    there is this very aged post on ArchForum:

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