• LightDM: Legacy Tray Missing! Please Help!

    I am thinking very strongly about moving all my files from Zorin OS 12 to Antergos GNOME because of Antergos’s speed, beauty, community, and especially stability (Zorin has broken on me at least 3 times now under light use and I was banned from their forum for asking for help about it!) Now though I have a huge problem with Antergos that I can’t find any solution for. It is that the Legacy Tray is missing. It is not at the bottom left side of my screen anymore and I need it for OBS. I like the Legacy Tray because it hides all my tray icons and my OBS tray icon which looks bad in screen captures. Now I have to have it in the dash. I’m using LightDM and the shell, gtk, and icon themes from EvoPop. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Gnome 3.26 has eliminated the Tray Icons altogether. Processes, however are still running in the background. I’m not sure, but I think you can bring’em back with the TopIcons extension which you can enable in extensions.gnome.org

  • Topicons will put the legacy tray icon in the top bar…at the moment there is nothing you can do to get the left bottom tray back.
    alt text

  • @joekamprad Thank you! TopIcons is working for now. I hate looking at tray icons, one of my most hated parts of Windows, and the GNOME Legacy tray did that quite well. I can at least set the TopIcons Plus to full transparency. I think it would be cool if GNOME made a little arrow you can click that makes a drop-down with all running apps (kind of like KDE.) I think it would look a lot nicer and you wouldn’t be locked out of programs that once minimized can only be reopened with the tray icon!

  • @CadenMitchell said in LightDM: Legacy Tray Missing! Please Help!:

    would be cool if GNOME made a little arrow you can click that makes a drop-down with all running apps

    They do not like adding stuff, they removing it! ;)

    Ma an extension could do that…

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