• Wireless driver problems..

    I have an Asus PCE-AC66 and I used to have a driver called something like bcmwl or broadcom-wl, don’t remember exactly. Anyway, after upgrading my packages which I hadn’t done in months, it suddenly disappeared and I don’t have any wl drivers at all.
    No output from “modinfo wl”.
    My network card PCI id is 14e4:43a0, I’ve found this post about the same card: https://superuser.com/questions/778016/broadcom-wifi-card-pci-id14e443a0-not-recognized-on-dual-boot-osx-kali
    I think I was using the driver from the AUR link, but as you can see that no longer exists and the other links didn’t really help me… Any suggestions on how I can prolong the life of my wireless card would be great, thanks.

  • If you can look at pamac, search for broadcom, and you’ll find many alternatives. You could try the first three of them, one by one until it works.
    If it doesn’t work, then try similar search from the AUR, there are still some options to try.
    And reboot after each installed driver.
    Surely you have a wired link to download those?

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