• Desktop Environments are driving me nuts

    Hello my fellow brothers, I’ve been testing several distros and landed on Antergos a while back, however I haven’t tried that many Desktop Environments. Rocked the old gnome back in the day, loved it, then tried Unity and got surprisingly used to it. Then I went over to gnome 3, which I really liked and had really no bugs with. It was very stable for me. One thing that annoyed the fuck out of me was the fact that every time I got a steam messages or a “poke” on teamspeak3 whenever I was in a game, the game would be minimized. That happened so many times and so often and I couldn’t find any solutions on it. Tried all sorts of things, spoke to several people on reddit that didn’t have a clue either. So I basically raged quite on gnome 3 one day when a competitive game of CS:GO was lost solely because of this minimizing issue.

    I installed KDE, and I really like it. Enjoy being able to customize everything to my preference. I have a few bugs tho. Even though my RAM usage is very low with KDE, it doesn’t take much applications running to make it feel a bit sluggish. And whenever I am in a game(steam game) and alt-tab out of it to check messages, visit some websites, change songs on spotify or whatever, most of the times the taskbar freezes and the activities menu. Applications seems to be running I can still use them but I cannot switch between them(since alt-tabbing doesn’t work and the panel is frozen. I must reset the desktop by logging out or restarting my computer. Really annoying. Don’t know what the problem is, alt-tabbing out of application haven’t been an issue either on Unity or Gnome 3 for me.

    I’m sorry for not contributing with any log files, because I am more or less a noob, don’t even know where I could find a log file to share regarding this issue. If it were a specific program I know where to find an output but this I do not know. Hopefully someone might be able to point me in the direction and I will do what I can do contribute any files.

    Don’t know if I should try to fix this issue or just try something else. I’ve tried Cinnamon many years ago and enjoyed it, anyone here uses Cinnamon with Arch? Does it work well, even with games?

    Sincerely, a humble n00b…

  • how-do-i-include-system-logs-when-asking-for-help

    Related to Games as i think it does not matter wich DE you are using… but also the less load it is causing the better your free reserves for using inside your games ;)

    This KDE/plasma freeze problem is discussed here for long time andseems not realy solved…

    GNOME 3.26 is also buggy at the current state, and will need some time to get back to work.

    We now have also Deepin aviable as a installable Desktop on the ISO… and Xfce is also nice configured and more configurable…

  • My vote for Xfce! It is stable, simple enough, and very configurable. I use it in every machine.

  • Alright thank you both of you! I will give XFCE a go then and see if it solves my issues :) I might return later on to KDE if things improve.

  • The upstream Xfce devs aren’t many in numbers, but they put a lot of love and effort into Xfce. Thunar file manager had some issues in the past, but otherwise Xfce is the most stable DE in my experience. As manuel said, it’s a very simple and configurable DE. It’s greatest strength is it’s ability be both lightweight and easily the most configurable DE out there. While I primarily run OB, I have Xfce installed as well on all my machines.

  • I use gnome3 on GDM running on Xorg and have None of these issues!

    Steam Native on most games.

  • I’ll mark it solved for the time being, switched to XFCE and finally everything is working on my computer as intended, so thank you guys! The irony is now that my computer is finally working 100%, my router is malfunctioning instead and giving me trouble. It’s always something isn’t it haha?

  • @Endur3 said in Desktop Environments are driving me nuts:

    my router is malfunctioning instead and giving me trouble.

    i can help here too, if you have some questioning :)

  • @joekamprad You are very kind! However I think the problems fixed itself by successfully updating the firmware. Hopefully now I will get a break from troubleshooting :D

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