• Cannot change resolution on Plasma with Wayland

    I’m trying out Plasma 5.11 with Wayland.

    For an unknown (to me) reason, I cannot change the resolution:

    Not sure why or how to change this.
    Any idea?

    Thank you.

  • Wayland, almost usable after only 9 years of development.
    Be glad that it runs at all, I can’t even get it to work under plasma.

  • The guys over at canonical (and fedora I guess) seems to think Wayland is ready for prime time.

    Getting it to run was fairly straight forward, but it just PITA, there are a bunch of “little things” that renders it unusable.
    I fired up my Android Studio and the darn thing opened enormously huge due to some double scaling issue or something, couldn’t figure it out no matter how many env vars I’ve set.
    And then you have sddm hangs after logout, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I’m pretty sure that the fault is on me and I’m not configuring something properly.
    I wonder if I should nuke and pave my rig (XPS 13 9360) and try fresh.

  • Canonical also believed unity with mir was maintainable.
    Now they believe that Gnome 3 is a usable DE.
    Wondering why you want wayland? To run apps on xwayland cause they don’t work on wayland?
    Have you tried running Plasma5 on xorg? That might solve the problems.

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