• Bluetooth No Longer Working (Gnome 3.26)

    @manuel said in Bluetooth No Longer Working (Gnome 3.26):

    For some reason, here I always assume we are talking about Linux.

    How much of insurance is that ?

    Muahahawaa* 😊

    [out of context]

  • No problem, you can use package manager for this.
    ==on topic==

  • @joekamprad – I prefer to learn and use the CLI more. Can you paste the specific commands I can execute in the command line to achieve the same thing please?

  • @a4orce84
    Slightly off-topic, but if you are more familiar with CLI commands from other Linux distros, then this may help you:

  • as i think you know pacman ?

    pacman -S linux-headers should do the job… as linux-firmware-iwlwifi-git conflict with it pacman will ask you to remove it…

  • Same behavior after going back to linux-firmware. NO change.

  • @joekamprad and @manuel - Here is the output you requested:

    [[email protected] ~]$ uname -rs
    Linux 4.13.9-1-ARCH

    Let me know if you want me to check anything else. Thanks!

  • Do you want me to run any of the same commands that I did previously?

  • Hey Guys,

    Any updates? Any other reports from the arch forums if this is still an outstanding issue or not?

    Thanks again to both of you for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

  • @a4orce84 i want to say that you have to try to do some research on your own, before asking.
    Searching the archwiki or forum is possible for you too.

    If you do not understand something, we are happy to help (if we can).

  • Hey @joekamprad,

    Thanks man, I certainly don’t mind ‘learning how to fish’ per-say. What are the other best arch resources to search on? I know we have the archwiki, but I think you have posted up a few BBS links in the past. Currently, all I do is look on the Antergos forums and use google to look up specific errors so far.

    Can you point me to some good forums / websites where I can start searching and looking up things as well please?

    Thanks again! =)

  • you know already… it is a good way to use google and add archlinux to the searchterm…

  • Sounds good, thanks @joekamprad! =)

  • Hello @joekamprad and everyone else,

    I’ve done some googling, but recently upgraded to gnome 3.28…and it appears Bluetooth is still problematic. Not looking for a solution (but if you have one great!), just looking to see if you guys can confirm the wonky behavior in the latest version of Gnome 3.28 utilizing bluetooth.

    Thanks in advance everyone, all of your time and help is greatly appreciated!

  • bcm4350-firmware

  • yaourt -S bcm4350-firmware

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