• Weird font on some application on cinnamon.

    Hello, I just changed to cinnamon today and it got weird font on some application.

    Looks like both of them are Qt5… emm… i mean maybe… i dont know

    That weird font is my first font on the list.

    There is similiar problem in reddit, I tried to follow the instruction but it still doesn’t fix it.
    If I remembered it also happened to XFCE when I use lightdm.

    I don’t know what to do anymore, please help me.

    Note: I can’t download cinnamon-screensaver from antergos so I download cinnamon from community repo

  • My reply flagged as spam by akismet. So I post this screenshot instead. Hope it’s readable.


  • Hope this is not a necro bump… Just looking through unsolved posts, which I have fixed on my computers.

    1. Open up pamac (add/remove software). Make sure you have AUR enabled in your settings.
    2. Search for QT5 Settings.
    3. Select qt5-settings-git (20171012.cc3bf37-1)
    4. Install this.
    5. After this, launch your main menu and find QT5 settings tool.
    6. Change the style to gtk2 (this should make the theme match your global theme)
    7. Change the fonts to something else. I like Noto Sans and Noto Mono (both are available in the official repos)

    Hope that helps.

  • Wah, WAHAHA, I feel so dumb, I actually installed qt5-settings but never notice that the font setting is also change the font, not only the size. Because it only say “12”.

    Thank you.

  • @Pegasusearl Sweet! Glad you got it looking how you want. My pleasure.

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