• Cannot boot into anything from grub rescue after failed install

    During my Antergos install, I accidentally installed grub, however, the live usb crashed, and I can now no longer boot into anything from grub rescue. I have tried to use insmod normal, but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

    It looks like this:

    (hd0) (hd1) 
    ls (hd0,1)
    error: unknown filesystem
  • @ashtonquinn
    Did you go back and forth the installer pages while installing?

    Can you try to reinstall Antergos, and while doing it, carefully check that you always select the right answer for your system?

  • I can no longer boot into any usb stick, antergos or not

  • @ashtonquinn
    What can you boot? Do you have another machine?

  • I have one other computer. I can boot without a usb, but it goes to “no bootable device”. If I plug in a usb it goes into grub rescue

  • @ashtonquinn
    I assume you used the USB stick to try the install.
    It seems that the install attempt trashed the USB stick software.
    Can you create the USB stick again with the other machine?
    How did you create the stick the first time?

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