• ZFS modules are not loaded. Somebody help!

    link to the screenshot https://imgur.com/JcDlFKf

    I thought that might help but it’s for ubuntu https://stephanvaningen.net/node/5

  • give some more info plz… as we do not know how you setup zfs… … there was a kernel update today and as far as i remember this will force you to rebuild modules to get them work for the new kernel…


  • yea! and your screenshot looks like zfs+encryption choosen on install… but you do not investigate enough time to what this will may force some tasks later…

  • @welshdragonmcmillan said in ZFS modules are not loaded. Somebody help!:

    Extra digging https://imgur.com/a/q6q9y

    means what on what you are doin??? this looks like started with the Live-ISO???

  • As i say before i do not have a deeper knowledge around handling of zfs filesystem… so i can only help (and may not much users/mods will reach in as nobody realy like to handle zfs) i can only help if you tell me exactly what you are doing and what you want to try…

  • The extra digging imgur image is a trial of update install uninstall through bootable usb. However the link you posted seems to be more helpful. I simply don’t know how to check UUID

  • as far as i understand if you are using a zfs–pool–filesystem for your / (root) it is a bit complicated to get intoit if the filesystem can not be started/enabled… so what i think you will need to startup from liveiso and kindoff get the filesystem aviable inside there…

  • Can you guide me? I’m booting from USB now.

  • as far as i can see zfs is enabled on the ANtergos ISO so recovery will be possible with it…

    But you can start with the Antergos ISO and open a terminal:

    sudo modprobe zfs
    zpool import -a -R /mnt

    0_1507841855235_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10-12 22-57-25.png
    After this you should be able to open your device inside Filebrowser under /mnt (other locations > Computer > mnt)

    if you have encryption:

    sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdXn c1

    where /dev/sdXn needs to be replaced with your device (you can see this inside filebrowser)
    I am not sure about the cryptsetup and what you will get after this… but if you have encryption enabled you will need to open the container with password to get files aviable… but on my test installation i was not able to use encryption…

  • It’s all fine and dandy, but nothing of it seems to work for me. Here are some screenshots as a proof:

    1_1507881051669_Screenshot from 2017-10-13 10-48-15.png 0_1507881051668_Screenshot from 2017-10-13 10-49-18.png

  • permission denied so maybe try sudo (yes i forget to write it) …

    So = write this :

    sudo modprobe zfs
    sudo zpool import -a -R /mnt
  • And try to give me some more info like a screenshot of your partitions (open other locations inside filebrowser and do a screenshot…) so that i can see what you get as i am not a magician ;)

  • -f is not the command it is asn OPTION to add to the command you put in before… like the two you have there already… -a -R so: to force f =

    sudo zpool import -f -a -R /mnt

    And looks not like you have encrypted device from here :)

  • sda3? I mean encrypted device is sda3?

    What should I do after that?

  • sorry typo :( not not no encrypted device!!!

  • I ran the command

    sudo zpool import -f -a -R /mnt

    some process been launched, I thought that was it and rebooted the lap top.
    When It booted the Hard Drive system I still got the same thing with ZFS and as a very first Screenshot shows. Then I booted the usb again and ran the command nothing happened. What should I do, now? Thanks for helping me out.

  • As you asked I give you advice to get access to your files to rescue them, to get your system back working we need to do more after the step’s… With the two commands you will be able to access your files under /mnt. So that you can copy them to another place.
    To get zfs working on your installed system we need to chroot into it and rebuild the zfs modules for the installed kernel.

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