I’ve recently installed Antegros. After a few teething troubles with Nvidia Optimus I think I’m slowly getting to grips with things. Despite initial reservations, I’m giving Gnome and Wayland another chance since it seems to be the way the wind’s blowing and I don’t really get on with any of the other DE that much better; I think I can probably get used to it.

One thing that’s frustrating me a little is the libinput touchpad support - I suspect it’s possible to tweak it but I’d be grateful for some guidance about the best approach. I’m using a Lenovo T440p with a synaptics clickpad. In particular the following things are giving me grief:

  1. Enabling two-finger scrolling and tap to click makes for a frustrating experience. If I’m very careful about how I click/scroll, the right thing happens, but a lot of the time when I’m scrolling libinput is reporting right-click events as well/instead. It seems like maybe this could be fixed by changing some sensitivity values but maybe there’s a different problem, and besides, I’m not sure where this would be adjusted (see next point).
  2. I’m not clear where/how I can change the settings for libinput under Wayland. libinput list-devices reports settings that are inconsistent with the gnome control panel - I guess because the libinput command line is reporting the X server settings rather than the Wayland configuration? The control panel is fine as far as it goes but there are a lot of settings (e.g. Middle click emulation) that aren’t available right now.