• Is there any way of adding Ubuntu PPA's to Antergos?

    Hi everyone. I stopped using Antergos a while ago along with Manjaro which were my two favorite Arch-based distros. I distro hopped for a while and eventually warmed up to Zorin OS because it was highly polished. I have had to reinstall Zorin before though because the theming got messed up somehow. Anyways, when Zorin fully breaks again I would like to have a nice distro to use again and the first I thought of was Antergos. I generally like Arch-based distros more than Ubuntu-based ones because I get more up to date packages and the AUR. However, the main reason why I went back to using Ubuntu distributions is because of the support. Most sites I go to for instructions on installing themes, apps, etc. are geared towards Ubuntu users and they don’t give instructions on how to add the ppa’s they use to Arch distros. Is there a way to add an Ubuntu ppa to Antergos? I mean something like a NoobsLab ppa for a theme or a ppa for a game that isn’t in the AUR.

  • Most packages in ppas are in the AUR. And there are also addtional repos that you can add to your /etc/pacman.conf if you need binaries for specific stuff :

    PPA’s looks like a good thing at first sight, but in the end there is a high probability that you will break your system for good. I never broke an arch based system that way, even adding unofficial repos (thanks to the power of pacman also).

    Now, for your question, the answer is “No”. In some extreme cases, you can use debtap to convert a deb to an arch package, but that’s only if there is absolutely no other solution.

  • @CadenMitchell , the great advantage here is that the AUR is practically all of the ppas scatered around and having to be installed seperately, in just one huge place where you can find almost everything.
    No need at all to get to know which ppa you need to find and install. Just visit the AUR and…boom!
    Of course, since private and unofficial, they re equally risky and potentially dangerous to your system as ppas.
    Cheers and welcome back!

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