• Shotwell preferences window not complete ?


    The frame with the close button (right down) is not present around the preferences window as you can see on the image :

    0_1507529775769_Capture d’écran_2017-10-09_08-15-01.png

    Any suggestion is wellcome, thanks.

  • @sushi said in Shotwell preferences window not complete.:

    the close button (right down)

    ? your window is transparent but i can see 0_1507542644256_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10-09 11-50-34.png

    there is a close and maximize “button” upper left…

  • Right on the upper left side but there should be one “close” button down right like the “about” button one this image :

    0_1507556732771_Capture d’écran_2017-10-09_15-42-30.png

    On my xubuntu system I have that “close” button down right. It can be that on arch based system it doesn’t exist but I would like to be sure.

  • semms to be because newer versions here on archbased systems:
    0_1507567251455_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10-09 18-40-09.png

  • So, you can confirm that you don’t have the “close” button on the main window of the preferences ?

  • yes=true
    here GNOME

  • Ok thanks joekamprad. I will wait if other users can confirm the same before puting “solved”.

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