• "Send to desktop" Error

    when i click “Send to desktop” in the menu, The desktop file not appear in the desktop but my home folder.
    What’s wrong?

  • @Keegan Hey, could you help me. ~TAT~

  • Eric Steven Raymond (aka ESR). How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

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  • @amao_three said in "Send to desktop" Error:

    @Keegan Hey, could you help me. ~TAT~

    😄. Sorry about that, somehow I must not have seen your thread here! Now that I have however, I can give you the expert answer of I have no idea. It sounds like an issue with your setup of Deepin itself, but I am not getting that error at all over here. I really don’t know what to say, and for that I am sorry.

    Wish I could help more,

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