• Wrong Resoluton?

    Hi all!
    I just got a brand new laptop, an HP spectre x360. So whats the first thing I do? install Antergos duh.
    Only there’s a minor hiccup.
    Everything is tiny.
    My laptop has a pretty sexy high res display ( 15.6" diagonal 4K UHD UWVA eDP BrightView WLED-backlit (3840 x 2160) ).
    So investigating the tinyness I go to display settings. They are currently set to 3840 x2160, So I change it to 2880x1620. With that, the scale of the screen seems to be correct, except the login screen and another case. inside the brackets text editor. The small login screen ( I’m talking like maybe 150px tall dialogue box small) I think shows this is a system issue, but I can’t take a screenshot of that screen so I’ll show yall brackets instead to get an idea of what I am seeing.0_1507433491257_Screenshot from 2017-10-07 23-30-47.png

    Any ideas how I can solve this???
    Thanks gang!

  • Its an issue with your text editor and high res support. I use citrix now and then, and there, I did not find a solution to make it scale to a high res display. Also Gimp continues to be hardly usable on high DPI. Also because my external monitor is still normal HD, I just my High DPI laptop in normal HD resolution to avoid all such issues, regretting a bit having paid the price for the higher resolution in the first place.

    Also lightdm does not support high resolution, appearing, like you see, too small. The only way out is to also run that on a lower resolution.

    Bottom line: HighDPI keeps being flaky on linux (I do not know how good/bad it is on the commercial OS’s) unless perhaps you stick strictly to a modern desktop environment like gnome (then with gdm login manager rather than lightdm) or KDE, and only use the applications that use their latest underlying libraries.

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