• Mate-appearance-properties problems -- won't open

    Hey guys,
    I’m struggling a bit with opening the mate appearance app. This is from a fresh install.
    I have tried both a base install and a mate install from the Antergos installer and same problem occurred both times.

    When I try and click on it from the control center or menu, nothing happens.
    When I try it in the terminal both as user or as root I get this result:

    $ mate-appearance-properties
    mate-appearance-properties: error while loading shared libraries: libgtop-2.o.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    What I can see is that this package is installed:

    extra/libgtop 2.38.0+1+g487e584a-2 (installed)

    what I have in my /lib/ and /lib64/ folder is:


    I hope someone has experience with this and knows of a solution, as I’m at a loss for now, and google isn’t being much use right now either. The weird thing is, last week when I had xfce running and I switched to the mate session (to try it out), it worked just fine. And yes, I did try installing xfce again and then switching from it to mate, but that also did not work. ;)

  • @Hallowvale
    Yes it seems some broken things on mate are appearing…

  • Thanks for that speedy reply! I suppose I’ll just wait this one out until it’s fixed, as I was really looking forward to using mate. Hopefully we wont be waiting too long. :)

  • The wait probably will not be too long, as I would assume that the Mate devs are most likely working hard already to get this fixed😀.

    I would advise to just wait a few days!

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