• Wrong keyboard layout after install

    @joekamprad just for your information. I did a reinstall out of kicks and left me with only one language and keyboard layout. But I only had the de_CH utf charset activated thinking I don’t need the legacy. Happens to be that both the UTF and ISO charset need to be activated. Still a logoff and logon is needed to be able to select another keyboard.

    EDIT: no. after logoff logon in a German interface there is still only one keyboard in Input sources. Btw the whole user interface is a mix of german and enlish now.
    alt text

    (clicking on the picture button does not include the picture here)

  • By the way, this issue is NOT solved yet

  • Yes but seems to be related to the GNOME update, i do not get the same issue here…

    but lately i bring this into the game:

    localectl list-keymaps
    localectl set-keymap [keymap]


  • I’ve recently noticed an option in the Tweaks app: Under Keyboard & Mouse there is now a Show Extended Input Sources. However, even after restart, I can’t find the Spanish - Latinamerican option.

  • @ludenticus YEah I saw that too, but that doesn’t solve anything in ym case unfortunately. The list of other keyboard layouts remain empty and US qwerty is still enabled.

    For now the only way to temporarily set the keyboard layout is with setxkbmap be for my Belgian layout. I guess I’ll create a timer to enable it at login for as long as this Gnome bug is present.

  • https://youtu.be/qDS_mb-RcbU
    This is how it is normally, what we get here as the no-extra-layouts-aviable-bug
    must be something caused by a strange installation issue.
    But i have this aviable on a new installation with 17.10 ISO and
    GNOME + AUR + SSH - chromium setting.

  • I must insist that this issue isn’t related to cnchi nor installation. I recently faced the bug (after an update) on two different laptops which have Antergos (Gnome) since last year.

  • so then related to the GNOME update, i have fresh install here… so i would try to reset the GNOME settings or try create a test user to see if this one have the same?

  • I created a test user, but no luck. So, it’s not an issue with config files

  • so do you have this installed:

    libxklavier xkeyboard-config kbd libgnomekbd libxkbcommon-x11 libxkbfile xorg-setxkbmap xorg-xkbcomp

    ls /usr/share/X11/xkb
    compat geometry keycodes rules symbols types
    is valid?

    Long story short: may some missing dependency… also possible to try is to simple reinstall gnome…

    sudo pacman -S gnome gnome-extra but be warned this will install alot of unneded programms too

  • @joekamprad I checked the libraries you posted, and I have’em all installed. Also the folders under xkb/ are those you reported

  • Weird thing: I can choose the Belgian layout, or one from several German layouts, but Spanish is restricted to Spanish from Spain. I know it’s politics, but anyway Spanish should be default to la, as there are plenty more users in Latinamerica.



    German —Incomplete list—


  • As we suspected, the problem has to do with /etc/locale.gen. In order to avoid this issue, first uncomment both the system language you intend to use and the keyboard language. For instance,

    en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8  
    es_MX.UTF-8 UTF-8  

    Remember to run, as root, the locale-gen.

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