• missed the bottom-left plugin with the arrow... help plz!!!

    guys I know its silly but I removed lightDM and installed the GDM. somehow I removed the bottom-left plugin with the arrow on the screen (with pamac, dropbox, steam icons etc) can anyone tell me how to reinstall it back?? I’m seriously thinking to reformat my system for that…! thanks a lot!!!

  • as i think it is not there on a wayland session… and also i am not shure if it exist at all anymore on GNOME 3.26?
    It is called legacy tray you can install topicons it will put this legaycy tray icons on the top bar…

  • Gnome has removed legacy tray.

    But there are alternatives:



  • thank you!!!
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  • One of the good decisions of the Gnome team, to remove that ugly and stupid tray for “legacy icons” altogether. Before, I used an extension to remove it. Users who want to have these icons can have them in a proper way with an extension.

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