• Something crashed my desktop and want to investigate


    When I came back home to the computer, enteren my password to login, I got a black screen. Pressing anything didnt change anything. I had to force reset the computer. Now my keyboad has changed to qwerty and I cant change it. The list of keyboard input options is empty.

    How do I investigate the cause of this BsoD (black screen of death)? The journalctl contains too much gibberish info

    Screenshot of kb layouts
    alt text

  • we have an bigger update to GNOME 3.26 today, may you only done this partly? try fully update system:

    sudo pacman -Syu
    if you are using AUR packaging:

    pacaur -Syua or yaourt -Syua

    i get a only half working Gnome Desktop for the first boot after update too simple reboot second time solves this.

    The only known problem is for now that the gnome-shell-extensions may need an update, try to disable them first and update them from extensions webside or wait till they come up to the mirrors.

    To take a lookinside your locale config:

    For a list of enabled locales, run:

    locale -a

    If this do not show your one take a lokk here:

    For example, uncomment nl_NL.UTF-8 UTF-8:


    #nl_AW UTF-8  
    #nl_BE.UTF-8 UTF-8  
    #nl_BE ISO-8859-1  
    #[email protected] ISO-8859-15  
    nl_NL.UTF-8 UTF-8  
    #nl_NL ISO-8859-1  
    #[email protected] ISO-8859-15 

    Save the file,
    and generate the locale:

    sudo locale-gen

    Also if you have autologin enabled log out and back in and do not reboot to see if it give the locale back…

  • Thanks for the info.

    It happened before I update to the new Gnome completely. But then I did the upgrade. Problem still ocurring, cant change keyboard layout in any way. But the strange thing is that it works fine at the login screen because I can enter my password without issues, after login the mess starts.

    I also had trouble with extensions and my systray permanently disappearing but I managed to fix that even though the result is different.

    But this qwerty keyboard is such a disaster888888888 (supposed to be exclamation marks cry emoji

    I also saw the journal full of errors and stuff quitting

  • you can paste your logs automatic to the bin:

    journalctl --since "120 minutes ago" | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1
    i can sort this “gibberish” to get the info i need to help…

  • I’ll pm you the log, since it contains quite some IP addresses. I assume the crash happened on 6 Oct around 18:00 because there you see a big gap between the time I come back home at 22:00.

    I’d appreciate if you can tell me more about the cause.

    Btw, for now I managed to set my keyboard layout with setxkbmap be, but I don’t think that’s a persistent config

  • localectl list-keymaps
    localectl set-keymap [keymap]

    From the logs i can see that gnome shell crashes may because of simple a problem with a extension theme iconset… it spams a lot messages around this inside log…gnome-shell[1764]: st_widget_get_theme_node called on the widget [0x55fb9511d490 StIcon:last-child first-child] which is not in the stage.

    second there is something not working correctly with your tunneling/backup/sync (i do not understand this only out of what is logging around this)
    D! 10SyncTcpReq[XXXXX]: EOF - error: 103 (application protocol level timeout)

  • The sync is okay I think. Many things happening but it’s always giving such messages.

    I have the feeling my Nvidia driver is causing issue because I get display hangs and today my computer even crashed completely and rebooted.

  • I get some freezing with GNOME 3.26 also seems to be related to graphics (nvidia) + hdmi as i think… i disabled animations inside tweak-tool seems to work around this… on doing settings inside gnome-comtrol-center special related to sound switching from hdmi port to bluetooth e.t.c.

  • I reinstalled Antergos (again) to start fresh again. I had to do it sooner or later to be able to use btrfs snapshots. I disabled the animations for now just in case. I also noticed that the keyboard issue is still existing and is caused by the latest version of Gnome. Your commands don’t function on my machine.

    Also, if you use dash to panel, disable the window previews because those causes hangs quite often.

  • most of the extensions needs some investigation, and will do crashes at the moment… but there is also a problem with mutter itself that needs a fix:

    I will build both packages and try them out at this moment…
    Then i upload them here if someone will try without building…


  • I found the solution for the keyboard issue!

    Seems like the news Gnome version had a layout bug, which cause the keyboard languages not appear and the screen to appear too small. Have a look:

    alt text
    alt text

    By resizing the window to make it bigger, the other languages appear. I managed to chose Belgian from there and after a reboot (because I had serious strange things going on this time) everything worked well. Time to snapshot my system!!!

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