• Gnome 3.26 upgrade breaks some functionality

    So, the Gnome 3.26 update came in.
    Issue 1: The dock at the left side is always visible
    Issue 2: The application grid will not open
    Issue 3: I only have one virtual workspace.
    Am I encountering bugs or is this intended ?

  • @Jeannie____ said in Gnome 3.26 upgrade breaks some functionality:

    Issue 1: The dock at the left side is always visible

    Cannot neither confirm nor deny it. I use only one extension - User themes. Default Antergos extensions are also removed.

    Issue 2: The application grid will not open

    Confirm that. It’s not shown when the Super key is pressed or the upper left corner is hit with the mouse.

    It is shown only when Show Applications Dash icon is explicitly clicked with the mouse.

    It behaves exactly the same way in Tumbleweed, where Gnome 3.26 is available for about a month.

    Issue 3: I only have one virtual workspace.

    Try to play with Dynamic and Static workspaces in Tweaks ( a new name for gnome-tweak-tool).

    When Dynamic Workspaces is selected (checked), it doesn’t allow to change the Number of Workspaces. A new workspace may be added only when all previous workspaces have at lest one opened window.

    When Static Workspaces is selected (checked), it allows to variate the Number of Workspaces from min 1 to max 36.


  • i think installed dash-to-dock extension is not properly working, change to the one from webside (not the repo) solved the issue with the dock here…
    but this is simple a problen that the extension is not jet updated to shell version:
    0_1507320975285_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-10-06 22-14-40.png

    the rest i can not confirm here everything is working fine…

  • Indeed, the people at Antergos will need to update Dash to Doc to the new version, which works well with gnome. Will probably happen very soon as they probably also have noticed they received Gnome 3.26 for the weekend ;-). Alternatively, you can uninstall gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock and install the extension from the website. If you have multiple users, though, you will need to do that for each account.

  • @antimony Ganz Genau!

  • Except for one unexpected sudden system death (everything just disappeared, the computer turned off with no reason), it seems to work well here. Hope the error happened just occasionally.

  • It’s faster than ever now 👍

  • I am also seeing an issue occasionally, but not so bad. There is occasionally a crash of the shell, apparently when closing Evince windows: not too bad as the shell recovers immediately. This, even when running in “gnome shell” modus with a minimum of extensions. I will test some time without any extensions running (horrible as it may seem :-o ).

    With the “No hotcorner activities” extension turned of, I have come to notice the hot corner apparently has been tweaked a little: I find that I open it much less accidentally, while it is still easy to deliberately trigger the activities overview. The activities overview feels “better”: hard to define why.

    Logging out or shutting down after searching the overview works a bit different (I had my own launchers to shut down and logout before). Before, it was sufficient to click Enter when the dialog appeared. Now, the default choice is “Cancel”, so one or two key presses on Tab or right arrow are needed before clicking Enter. This is probably a safeguard to prevent our poor people from accidentally logging out/shutting down.

  • legacy tray is gone now…
    So pamac status icon will not be visibible without a hack ;)

    installing topicons+ bring it back to top panel… (topicon plus not topicons, as the topicons do not work here)

  • and it is not possible anymore to uninstall extensions you get from the extensions webside over tweak-tool?

  • Yes, the ability to uninstall an extension was removed from Tweak. You now must uninstall via the website, similar as how you need to uninstall a system wide extension with your package manager (stated like this, it seems there is some logic in removing this function from Tweak :-) )

    I did not see ghosts in reporting occasional crashes in Gnome 3.26:

  • Gnome 3.26 restarting, when I close any fullscreen app from overview… yes true… on gnome Xorg session

  • Overall it seems like it’s been an excellent release😀. Just updated and everything looks great! Especially their tweaked settings application ;).

    (However, I too have experienced some random crashing, but as @antimony said, the shell recovers so quickly that it’s not really much of an issue).

  • Another slight breaking of functionality: the Power off dialog may more frequently than not react to keystrokes. You can continue only using the mouse: arrow keys or tab to select one of the buttons, then press <Enter> does not work.

    An annoyance really. They now introduced shortcuts to shutdown/logout etc. in the activities. This (theoretically) allows to quickly shutdown using only the keyboard. This bug breaks that.

    In previous gnome versions, I had my own launchers. Shutdown was a matter of:
    <Super>Shut<enter> to have the dialog appear, then <enter> to confirm shutdown. Now, the dialog appears and … no keyboard response. Nothing. Your only way out is the mouse.

    To reproduce the issue, call the dialog then cancel out either with the mouse or the keyboard - first time and early in a session, it usually works with the keyboard (you see a small tiny blue bar around the default button, that you can move using arrow keys). Call the dialog again: this time, no keyboard activity at all. Only way out is the mouse.

  • Not really a big issue, but I have a touchscreen, and everytime I use it, a virtual keyboard pops up, which is super annoying since I never use it. How can I turn this off? It wasn’t like this on 3.24.1.

  • @mach01dan said in Gnome 3.26 upgrade breaks some functionality:

    virtual keyboard

    The on-screen keyboard is automatically enabled if you use a touchscreen

    • Open the Activities overview and start typing access …
    • Click on Universal Access to open the panel.
    • Switch off Screen Keyboard in the Typing section.
  • Been using 3.26.1 since official release few days back and so far I haven’t experienced any major issues. The gnome guys have really done a great job with this point update.

  • Guys, is anyone else experiencing the Dash to dock extension strange behavior after today’s update? I’m having 2 instances of the extension, nevertheless if the gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock package is installed or not. One of them does not respond to clicks.

  • looks like you installed one over system and the other one over the shell?
    take a look here:
    cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
    and try uninstalling the extension completely over pamac/pacman, then choose which one you want to use… uninstalling the extension over the webinterface or erase it inside the given folder…

  • @joekamprad said in Gnome 3.26 upgrade breaks some functionality:

    and try uninstalling the extension completely over pamac/pacman, then choose which one you want to use

    Well, it’s a disaster… At the moment I have no extension at all installed (neither packages nor from the website), and both screens are totally messy. I see a ghost Dash to dock on both screens. The hot corner activates default-configured dock. Also pay attention to the upper right corner of the primary display. The website claims I have no extensions installed. Could I delete them from the system in any way?

    Sorry, the reason way that stupid, that I can’t believe. :) :) :)

    EDIT: Alright, I’ve just set the yesterday’s “Show your desktop” screenshot as the wallpaper. Still can’t believe in my stupidity, lol. :)

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